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KIMS Health talk
KIMS Health talk What is a complete diet? No one in the office might have thought of this before they attended a session by a team from KIMS hospital. It was otherwise a normal working day on 24th February 2011, when dietician Ms Sandhya Suresh assisted with Mr Rathesh, from KIMS hospital visited the office of for a concise congregation briefing the importance of a Complete Diet and its impact on health nowadays. A quiet interactive session in the afternoon was able, to elucidate the qualms relating to Diabetics, Fatty liver and Cardiac problems in a pretty respectable approach. Infact nowadays the young generation are not even anxious of what and how much we consume. Probably it’s because the lack of time and knowledge. In the tempo of a tight job schedule no one is concerned about the impact it creates when regular food is avoided, most important one being the Breakfast. It is the intake after a long break and rest and it’s the only fuel that our body will have to have a startup with daily routine. Eventually, when neglected, can have adverse effect, welcoming diseases like fatal ulcers even leading to stomach cancer. Also the amount of consumption also plays a vital role. Changing from normal diet to a complete diet, when detailed was felt easy by just making slight variations or additions in the daily diet. For example, including fibrous vegetables and fruits, with normal diet. Another significant point of discussion was the importance of exercise. Again, when we all involve in a “chair-system oriented” job style, exercise can help us to keep a distance from nervous disorder. A brisk morning walk or taking a short break is more than what is required to keep the mind and body. Unknowingly the young are all walking towards a dark period where they are attacked by fatal diseases much before they become aware of them . We can hope that informative and interactive sessions like the one held at in association with KIMS Hospital can put an end to such panic situations.
Posted By : Ganesh, On Mar 03, 2011 04:55:17 PM
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