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CITIZEN SPEAK - Your responsibility to bring up issues; to bring official focus on matters and concerns. We will publish what you have to say. We will take it to the officials. We can make a difference in our city. Join us.
HAPPY DIWALI!!! THOUGH LINKED WITH MYTHOLGICAL STORIES, DIWALI IS ESSENTIALLY A POST HARVEST FESTIVAL. DHAN TERRAH IS A CUSTOMARY CELEBRATION BEFORE DIWALI. DHAN (means wealth) IS NOT JUST CASH, JEWELLERY OR PROPERTY. THE REAL DHAN IS PEACE, HAPPINESS & HEALTH OF YOU & FAMILY. In other words PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH DISEASE IS A SITUATION WHERE ONE IS NOT AT EASE Mental and physical ease go together; one begetting the other WHEN ALL THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF SYSTEMS OF THE BODY ARE IN HARMONY, SCIENTISTS CALL IT INTERNAL HOMEOSTASIS. WHEN BODY DEVELOPS A HARMONY WITH ENVIRONMENT IT IS CALLED EXTERNAL HOMEOSTASIS. HOMEOSTASIS can be disturbed by a pathogen (a disease causing agent in the form of parasite, bacteria, virus, chemical) or environment (climate change, vagaries of nature like pollution or disasters) HEALTH AND WELLNESS of the community depends on the harmony among man, animal and nature (M.A.N). While the impact of Modern Production systems is yet to be scientifically evaluated on a region to region basis, conventional systems too will have to be revisited for sustainability, biodiversity, carbon credit (or carbon clearance rate) to be modified as per the changing life style and equitable benefit to community at micro-level. MY YOUNG FRIEND Dr. Makker says “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” So, keep laughing WISH YOU & YOUR FAMILY A VERY HAPPY DIWALI & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.
Posted By : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V, On Nov 03, 2010 01:09:22 PM
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