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No street lines at Gate 2 which leads to Kulathoor at night.
No street lines at the road which leads to Kulathoor from the Technopark back gate. This is really scary for my female coworkers who goes home after work. I am surprised that this has not been taken care even after 20 years anniversary completed by Technopark in TVM. This needs to be taken care immediately by the concern authorities and should not be waiting for any unforeseen or nfortunate incident to happen to get charge and act on it.
Posted By : Lalu S Nair, On Sep 19, 2010 01:19:16 PM
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Niran'de friend aano?
Saju, on Oct 14, 2010 08:20:51 PM
Yes, I am
Lalu, on Mar 24, 2011 08:19:40 PM
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