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Parking fine
Today as the CM was visiting Pattom NGO office all the cars parked within the parking area provided on the roadside had were fined . we have been parking our cars there but till date nobody has told us that it is wrong to park there.Even after parking in the parking area we are fined then where should we park our cars!!!!! even i was the victim!! i have been parking my car in the given parking are for last so many years at pattom nobody has ever told us that we are not suppose to park the car on roadside....
Posted By : Anupama Ghildyal, On Nov 06, 2012 04:45:56 PM
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well anupama.... its always like it...didnt you notice that... when the president came...what all measures were taken before his arrival... here the rules and laws are like mobile phones...they can be switched on and off ...
Kapil Sreedhar, on Nov 14, 2012 07:26:11 PM
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