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Road safety - come and see people crossing at the entry to Vazhuthacaud from DPI

If anyone like to see the quality of our people driving in two wheelers and their hectic nature to violate any rules.. even though any vehicle is in front, they trend to reach their destiny even by crossing the foot path by riding their two wheelers and showing their courage !!! that they become in front of all vehicles.!!! It is quiet pitty to say that our youth as well as the working people and government servants are simply violating these presuming that 'I am OK' you are not OK..

Posted By : Murukan Ambika Viswanathan, On Jan 06, 2011 06:19:09 PM
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I agree to your point. But what can citizens do?
Murali Krishnan, on Jan 23, 2011 09:28:57 AM
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