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Roads of Kerala
Roads of Kerala The governmnet is not all bothered to rectify the damaged roads all through the state both the MC roaods and NH roads, PWD and Corporation roads. Why the delay. The State government had a PWD department and there is a Minister to look into the matter. Every day media (visual media) are showing the pathetic condition of the our roads. More accidents are reported. The governmnet is blaming bad weather for the delay. But there are reports the works are done and are again became in bad shape with pot holes surfaced again. The Department of Tourism is Inviting foreign tourists to Kerala calling ourselves as " Gods Own Country". It seems even Devil won't visit our state. This governmnet do not have the time to rework and resurface all the roads of the state during the remaining period.
Posted By : Ganesh RamaswamyIyer, On Dec 09, 2010 09:14:35 PM
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