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The Developed - Keral Water Authority
I'm from Vinayaka Nagar, Neeramankara, TVS. KWA stopped water line to our Location on 11th early morning,in search of a leak. After 36hours the result is that NH 47 has been digged right left and they havent yet found the leak. We inmates of Vinayaka Nagar, Sankar Nagar andlike wise many more associations are getting Shhhhh... from our tapes. When towns like chennai uses cutting edge technology, why are we still limiting ourselves to manual trial and error digging mechanism??? shame... KWA give us water. Its a citizen's right.
Posted By : Santhosh S, On Sep 12, 2010 07:30:06 PM
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Is there no other way to find the leak than digging up everywhere and searching? Sad, it is.
D@rky, on Sep 13, 2010 09:23:17 PM
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