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The Drama of MILMA again..!!!

It is always seen that Milma plays a cheap game of milk shortage in Trivandrum to raise the price. The same Drama is there we have seen many times before some months even as minister denied to raise the milk price the very next day a sudden shortage of milk started and it ended soon the price was raised. The Milma Jersey pack was also available freely in the market till the next demand for price hike..when again the minister denied to raise the milk price after few months of a hike in price...a sudden shortage appeared in market and only the yellow colored cover milk (not actual milk look a like water of milk) is available now...and I'm quite sure if the price raised again the shortage will definitely come to an end in the next morning itself.... all those private companies who was there in market before were accused for contaminated milk and evacuated from the market of kerala causing a monopoly for Milma here and now we have to depend only Milma for milk...and they supply us a milky water after extracting all the goodness of milk...the only way to escape from this repeated problem is the private companies...

Posted By : Joshy Wills J E, On Feb 22, 2011 02:39:55 PM
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I think this is incorrect. Most farmers are moving out of dairy business because its not profitable. This situation will get worse, if we do not increase dairy farmer's margins adequately. So, let MILMA be allowed to increase prices. Costlier milk is better than no milk.
Vivek Stanley, on Mar 01, 2011 01:16:09 PM
but there was no lack of milk before two weeks here before milma demanded a price hike? the same drama was there before the previous price hike also??? now you can see a long line of queue before milma booth....this is the old trick to make the scene og non availability and increase the demand and obviously the price too...costlier milks are available in market as carton milks but poor people what will they give their child....
Joshy Wills J E, on Mar 02, 2011 11:49:48 AM
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