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Traffic bottleneck

Traffic signal at Sreekariyam is the need of the hour!!!! Why is the traffic police not thinking about it!!!!The traffic in this area moves at snail's pace on top of it the civic sense of people is excellent..everyone tries to overtake each other from all directions...creating a clog...I really empathize with the trafiic police personnel who are posted at here ,even they are helpless in controlling the so called educated class people in their big cars & bikes…it’s my appeal to the traffic police to install a traffic signal!!!

Posted By : Anupama Ghildyal, On Dec 21, 2013 01:24:16 PM
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A better solution would be to have a flyover starting from near the Federal Bank in Pongunmoodu, which would finally land just after Chavadimukku. Both the beginning point and end points are wide enough to accomodate a 2 lane flyover. This would ease out traffic congestion at Sreekaryam by a huge marin
The Dark, Ugly, Rough Skinned Keralite, on Feb 25, 2014 10:31:27 PM
Thats really a good idea but i don't know how many years it would take!!!! it may also suffer the same fate like bakery junction flyover which took ages to complete!!!!
Anupama Ghildyal, on Mar 29, 2014 02:07:27 PM
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