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Transport Bus Stops
It is often seen that buses in a hurry to gain time park in a haphazard way at bus stops or bus bays not leaving enough room for even small vehicles from rear to overtake even though enough space is available. This has to be curbed. Enough spacious bus bays should be constructed where space is available. Space should be acquired on priority on busy roads. Bus drivers also should be educated to give pass for light vehicles. People also should be educated to stand aside on the waiting bay only rather than spread on the road. The queue culture may be imposed to ensure some discipline and order. Widening of roads at choke points should be undertaken on priority so that traffic can flow smoothly. The flick and swing of auto drivers should also be strictly curbed. wherever possible separate lanes may be marked for autos, two wheelers, buses. volunteers/senior citizens may be coopted till such time order and discipline is established. Short films on road etiquette's may be screened in picture halls or social functions.
Posted By : Jos, On Aug 31, 2010 07:40:52 AM
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this will be only a dream for tvm citizens. I hope the Corporation can adopt one rea..Vellayambalam or East Fort and experiment this idea
Paramgiri, on Oct 26, 2010 07:40:57 AM
Totally agree. Might is Right in most cases. Esp if it is govt. vehicle. Flick and Swing of Auto drivers ... I loved that. Reminds one of R Mohan. :-)
Rohan Pereira, on Oct 26, 2010 06:14:06 PM
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