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Tsunami and energy choice
The Tsunami in Japan shows that, disaster can strike anyone and anywhere however, safe we consider ourselves to be. It is a lesson for us in the choice of our energy sources. Though many developed countries adopted it as a major source of energy and claim safe operation of atomic energy Tsunami has pointed to a new dimension to disaster management. We may have to be more discrete in the choice of our energy sources. The high in put-high out put regimen being followed by the west is always a target of criticism by the conservationists. We had seen less severe disasters like bird flu in Alaska and America long ago and in Honkong or Korea couple of years ago. Just imagine what could have happened if bird flu has touched Trivandrum, where the usual practice is to throw poultry waste into channels of Neyyar dam. Tens of thousands would have been afflicted. Similar is the case of tsunami. Our SEZ and technopark builders and flat builders would have to plan beyond M-sand for their high rise buildings and their energy sources
Posted By : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V, On Mar 18, 2011 06:50:33 PM
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